Embroidery Set


I've never done this before

No problem! All of our kits are designed to be suitable for complete beginners. There's loads of help on our Stitches and techniques page including videos, photos and top tips for the first time you're using a new technique or working with a new material.

I have done this before - will it be too easy for me?

We've deliberately created a very flexible kit by including variation options as part of the design. This means as your skills develop you're able to try new stitches and more advanced options, and mix up your design to create a truly unique piece. For each project we'll try and include one opportunity for freehand machine embroidery as well - just in case that's your thing (although we're sorry but we can't include any materials for this).

I don't like kits because they don't give me enough freedom

We know the feeling, and we don't want to suffocate your creativity! Our variation options included with each kit don't only suit a range of skill levels, they're suggestions for how you can add your own touch to make it unique. 

We also deliberately give you extra embellishments and threads each month, so if you feel like adding anything extra you can, without worrying about running out. Keep anything you don't use safe and you can use them on future projects to make them your own.

What if mine doesn't look like the picture?

That's okay! We've designed each project to be fun and flexible. The skills and techniques will take some time to master perfectly, but we've made sure each design has options so you can make something beautiful without you needing to be an expert.

You'll get a great result if you follow the instructions exactly, but you'll also have a lot of fun tweaking the design and creating your own thing, so don't worry about it looking perfect.

How long does each kit take?

Each kit should take between 5 - 10 hours to complete, but the variation options are there for you to make each kit your own. If there are some techniques you don't enjoy, you might want to swap for something simpler and quicker, or if you're developing your skills some of the options might take a bit longer while you master the new technique. Don't forget our stitches and techniques page is there to help you as well.