(and threading them)

Needles come in a range of sizes depending on what you're using them for. The main needles you'll get in one of our kits are millinery needles (like the top three in this photo) which have small eyes and are useful for sewing on beads and using with normal sewing thread. You'll also get a crewel embroidery needle (the next two down in the photo) which have a larger eye which are better for embroidery thread. Some kits may have a beading needle (bottom in this photo) which are special needles for sewing on beads, but they're best for very small beads on delicate fabrics as the needles are thin and delicate. 

When it comes to threading your needle, here are two things to try:

  • Try cutting your thread on a diagonal, it should make it easier to push though your needle. 

  • Fold the thread over the pointy part of the needle, grip it really tightly against the needle, then slide it off the end. Now push the folded part of the thread through the eye of the needle. 

If you're still struggling, the cheat's option is to lick your thread, which will gel all the fibres together making it much easier to push through the eye of the needle.