This superb kit has everything you need to make a stunning display of some real and imaginary tropical fish - without needing to worry about cleaning the tank out! 


With step-by-step instructions, this kit walks you through how to replicate some well-loved real tropical fish like the clown fish and blue tang, as well as giving you some ideas to go wild with creating your own fish to your own designs. 


There are variation options included so you can make the instructions easier or push yourself to develop new skills, and designing your own fish gives you lots of ideas for you to pick and chose from.  


Aquarium kit

    • 8 different colours of felt
    • 6 DMC threads
    • Short lengths of hand dyed textured yarns
    • Angelina fibre and film
    • 4 packs of beads including specially sourced ginko and tile beads
    • Ancillary items including needles, pins, sewing cotton, card bobbins for left over thread, stuffing, invisible thread and beading mat
    • Fully illustrated instructions including variation options
    • A complete set of templates
    • Stitches including running stitch, slip stitch, blanket stitch and fly stitch
    • Sewing on beads and sequins
    • Using Angelina fibres and film
    • Working with felt to make 3D shapes