Starting your thread:

weaving in method

Bring your thread up from the back of the fabric where you're working your design. Hold a short "tail" of fabric a few centimetres long to stop it sliding through the fabric. The next time you make a stitch, ensure the "tail" is caught underneath the thread on the wrong side of the fabric. Catch this tail under the first few stitches to stop the stitching unravelling.

Fastening your thread off

It's really important you fasten your thread off properly to stop your stitching from coming undone. To do this, thread your needle through a couple of stitches close together on the back of your fabric, or create a small stitch which doesn't show on the front of your fabric. Before you pull your needle all the way through, thread your needle back through the loop that creates twice in order to create a secure knot. Cut your thread a couple of millimetres away from the knot.

Trellis stitch

Start trellis stitch by creating a grid of horizontal and vertical stitches. Start series of long stitches parallel to each other, always bringing your needle up on the same side of the grid. Then work another series of long stitches perpendicular to the first set. Keep the stitches evenly spaced.

Now bring your needle up just below and left of, where two of the grid stitches cross. Create a small diagonal stitch by putting your needle back in right and above where the two threads cross. Repeat this diagonal anchor stitch at every point in the grid where the threads cross.

Turkish rug stitch

Turkish rug stitch is worked in a line, and unusually you’ll need to start on the right side of your fabric. Put your need into the fabric at A, leaving a short tail of thread. Don’t worry too much about the length of this now as you’ll trim it to the right size later. Bring your needle back out at B, before putting it back in at C and bring your needle back out at A, without catching the stitch you’ve just made. Now put your needle back in at D, but do not pull your thread all the way through, you want to leave a small loop on the surface of your fabric. Now bring your needle back out at C before creating the straight stitch again, by putting your needle back in at E. Keep working this in the same way until you finish your row. Fasten your thread off by looping your needle under a couple of stitches on the back of your stitching, before cutting it off. Cut the middle of each of the loops on the front of the fabric, and trim to a uniform height.

Turkish rug stitch